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All-in-One ERP for Schools and Universities

We have top-of-the-line expertise in covering learning, administration as well as management activities to efficiently manage all the elements of a school and universities including courses, exams, students, teachers, and employees to gracefully handle all the specific requirements of schools & universities on a single platform.

Our custom school/university management system has been designed to simplify and automate so many processes that have traditionally been paper-based. eTraverse has got its powerful School/University management software that comes with an incredible set of customizable features to ease your School/University administration tasks as well as complex processes.

The areas our All-in-one School/University ERP System can be utilized

  1. Maintenance of student data
  2. Student inquiry and admission
  3. Financial aid processing
  4. Automate class and teacher schedules
  5. Discipline reporting
  6. Attendance records
  7. Facility and resource tracking
  8. Record keeping
  9. Parent communications
  10. Accounting and budgeting
  11. Volunteer management
  12. Payroll processing for school employees
  13. Reporting to accreditation bodies
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