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How to Outsource App Development?

How to Outsource App Development? (2021 Guide)

Outsource app development is one of the most discussed topics of the recent past. Companies worldwide are practicing this business strategy to build their business by lessening the operational costs & manifold the quality of services. Many businesses are applauding the benefits of outsourcing app development. They begin to use and extend outsourcing as a standard practice. It is not just a mere remedy to the pandemic. Tech companies are starting to break down the boundaries to hiring international talent to uplift business growth.

Some believe hiring experts in-house full-time would be ideal but what they don’t consider is the expenses involved are plenty. Collaborating with other experts will help you succeed far beyond what you can achieve. After all, top companies like Microsoft, Apple, and SpaceX are not built alone. 

If your business offers less luxury to hire full-time experts, or what if you’re operating a business single-handedly – outsource app development is a reliable and easy means that comes with many benefits. A significant increase in remote work in 2020 has prompted many entrepreneurs to test their degree to work remotely. This blog post will encourage and flame up a great idea that has been in the backseat due to a lack of technical skills. Outsourcing ensures your business has talented developers who smoothly manage the entire app development cycle.

In-house vs Outsource App Development 

Companies with the best and profoundly specialized tech talent in their command can often deliver mobile apps faster, uncover solutions to problems quickly, and create exceptional experiences resulting in more significant revenue. However, having the most qualified talent is not a straightforward task. The question to outsource app development or hire an in-house always ponders in our mind when building a team, especially when tech skill is scarce and highly in demand.

In-house app development is for those who have substantial resources to pull tech skills more than once, coordinate them, assign tasks, re-design, bear massive losses. You have ample time to balance the budget, hire talents and find new technology trends. 

On the other hand, outsourcing app development gets the best-skilled workers at your disposal with reduced costs. Most importantly, it gives you the luxury to concentrate on developing your business. Outsourcing is the solution to a complex and tedious hiring process that involves filling tech skills positions repeatedly, setting up teams to extend support to your valuable customers. 

Even medium and large companies have had great success using outsourcing technical teams to build an app. It is not seen as an escape valve but as something that they can depend on and use continually. Let’s move forward and discuss when to outsource.

When to outsource app development

If your business startup is short on funds, time, and skills, then outsourcing to a team loaded with technical expertise is the best choice on hand. What you have to do now is determine whether or not you require the following:

Accelerated growth

When you have a team of dedicated mobile app developers working on your dream idea, your business will have rapid development. The team will ensure that your project reaches the market in time. Experienced and skilled are the two main ingredients for a successful launch.

Pick the talents you need

The outsourcing team is a mix of great talents. Cross-platform development, Native App Development, hands-on experience on Swift, React Native, Flutter, JavaScript frameworks and Libraries, Vital sense of UI/UX are the required skills for a mobile app developer. Apart from these, the guys need to be familiar with the latest versions, updates, and programming structures to develop error-free apps.

Ease of workflow

When the entire responsibility to develop a mobile app taken up by an outsourcing company, all you need to do is immerse yourself in business development strategies to leap towards the future. You don’t have to take the trouble of hiring and managing the workforce all by yourself with no long-term commitments.

What are the different outsourcing options we have? 

Hire an app development company

Handing over your app development to an experienced and fully qualified team of domain experts is option one. You stay relaxed and rely on the app development company that builds mobile apps with skill and expertise and see your seed taking shape. The company has many options under its belt to move according to your demands – be it Android development or IOS app development, or cross-platform app development. Resources, skill, time-bound, brainstorming your idea with the talent pool, alter or re-design the app – you name it, the outsourcing company has all the checkboxes ticked to serve you.


Freelancers are your option two if you are running low on budget. All you need to do is hire a mobile developer who may not fulfill the requirements like the multi-faceted outsourcing company but completes your task in a time-bound manner. The developer’s viewpoint is one-sided and may not have resources for the testing phase, which is crucial in mobile development frameworks. If you are looking for a quick fix, freelancers are your best option. 

Freelance Team-Building

This third option assumes that your in-house dedicated developers’ team is working on your app development project. You may consider this option to hire few freelancers to work with your team. These domain experts can share their insights on various useful and critical aspects of mobile development until the completion of your app development project. This way, you may build a freelance team to collaborate with your existing team or even consider asking freelancers to lead your team to the goal and you may pay them on an hourly basis.

Steps to outsource app development

We’ve outlined the measures you’ll need to take to locate the best experts across today’s outsourcing application development firms.

Recognize your needs

Establish your market priorities and ambitions until you start looking for developers. Take a look at the following list:

  • Determine which real market problems you want to address with your app.
  • Choose the best mode of activity for the company: outsourcing, outstaffing, in-house teams, team extensions, and so on.
  • Pick a more reasonable choice:  recruiting experts or an organization? We recommend searching among companies unless you have a small project that can be delegated to a freelancer.

Examine the portfolio and conduct research

You can go through their portfolios before submitting emails to all software development firms or filling out contact forms on their websites. Since several of them offer both design and production services, tech blogs, freelance websites, and design communities can be excellent places to look for product developers and designers.

Companies wishing to work with top-rated agencies can use such methods to make recruiting decisions. Before moving on to the next move, double-check everything.

Ask Plenty of questions as you like to

Outsourcing mobile app development has long been the preferred choice for companies in a variety of industries. When you outsource, you’re entrusting your idea to a group of outside experts supported by a partner firm.

Before reaching a choice, consider the following questions:

  • Do your partners have relevant experience in developing the scalable applications you require?
  • Do the associates have application development guidance?
  • Is there any post-launch app support from your partners?
  • What kind of research methods do the partners use?

Employ the most viable partner

After you’ve thoroughly considered your future associates, it’s time to make a decision:

  • Make a category of all you discover

Put the most relevant conditions to consider there, and rank the top organizations you want to work with.

  • Lead interviews

Get final references, prioritize technical skills, look at their group involvement, and clear all complicated issues with the future developers.

How do you choose the outsourcing company?

Once you have created a checklist for hiring mobile developers, it is now time to hold an initial discussion on the requirement and personally know their tech team. There may be many solutions for quick launches that can be tailor-made to fit your specific needs. The team will deliver its valuable inputs, offer many alternatives, low-cost pathways, etc., for successful implementation.

An experienced and talented team of experts breaks down the app development process on a realistic plane. There are many pathways to achieve the goal for the quick launch, which are versatile to fit your precise needs. Hire the most qualified talent from a company that’s been overloading Playstore and App Store with appealing mobile applications for many years.


Outsource app development is a go-to option for a cost-effective solution. It brings your idea to life in a short time. Outsourcing your project also gets you a superior team to work with without incurring huge costs and troubles of hiring and training the team entirely by yourself. Find an app development company that has domain-specific expertise. They must actively engage you in developing the app and understands the importance of being responsive to change.

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