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How to Reduce App Development Costs

How to Reduce App Development Costs Without Losing Quality

A mobile app is useful to any business, given the immense competitiveness of current markets. It is a valuable addition to the company and can generate profits rapidly. However, when considering launching an application, it’s critical to understand how to reduce app development costs. 

There is no need to race down and complete your project. Why not better study all the pros and cons first. A skillful team that manages your app development offers tangible solutions that meet your goals. They are well-equipped to assist you by presenting a few valuable tips which might come in handy.

Ideas fail to bloom when you have budget constraints. Preserve your thoughts and not despair for not having enough resources. Yes, funds play a crucial role in business development. But all you need is to have a clear perception of all project specifications while bringing funds on board for a business app. Assessing tentative costs and the best way to allocate resources will streamline the process. This blog post will help you develop a mobile app that meets your financial capabilities. 

Interactive Prototypes

These prototypes are blueprints of the final mobile application. You may call it a mock-up built on understanding how the product looks and feels. You may wonder why do I need to put extra bucks to build real-like prototypes? Any significant changes to UX designs in the final phase are expensive. Prototypes visualize the actual working of the product design and navigation to maximize efficiency. 

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, reveals that prototypes “slow us down to speed us up. By taking the time to prototype our ideas, we avoid costly mistakes such as becoming too complex too early and sticking with a weak idea for too long.”

Never ignore the suggestion of creating preliminary prototypes. Mobile app developers consider building a prototype is like a journey from an abstract idea into making an app – creative if not revolutionary.

Detailed Plan – First step to reducing costs

As we know who will be the participants, we will now chalk out a comprehensive app development plan that reduces the costs. App developers like to have detailed specifications to carry out the task. Let’s go through the plan.

Initial Step –  Find out your target audience. They are the end-users of your creative app. Go online/offline, conduct market research, list out the criteria to be targeted like age, location, income level, gender, and lifestyle.

Study your competitors, their app, and the features and challenges faced by them. 

Evaluate: Are you providing something similar or distinct?

You may consult your app development team to finalize the unique developments you wish to bring.

Budget and Documentation: The budget talk comes in the planning stage, preventing unnecessary expenses in the development process. It is also essential to document every bit and piece of your notes, showing how well you devised a plan. 

Time Frame: Outlining a time frame for each phase of your project reduces trial and error costs.

Choose MVP to Inaugurate Your Launch

Launch your mobile app with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Yes, give your users the main idea behind your launch with essential features. The best way to lessen budget limitations is to take the MVP approach. This strategy gives you the luxury of understanding how the end-users received your product, measure its performance, release updates to make it better and profitable. 

Let’s delve into the benefits of using MVP:

  • It saves your budget for a full-fledged application after the initial launch.
  • You will know for sure what technical architecture needs improvement. 
  • When users review your product, you would know the features that are in demand.
  • It gives you the flexibility to change your startup’s goals if you think it may not bring the intended profits.

Custom App Features Increase Cost

MVP aims to save your budget. App developers suggest using proven and popular technologies that reduce the cost. 

Let’s discuss the app features that increase the developing cost:

  • It is better to avoid using camera integration, GPS, or push notifications in the MVP as it consumes your budget. 
  • Mobile app developers prefer not to integrate motion graphics and 3D effects. These elements are unnecessary in the MVP if the aim is to cut costs.
  • Choose a more affordable server like AWS infrastructure to start. You may choose a monthly subscription or pay as you go to gain control over your finances.

Choose the right platform

Another significant way to reduce cost is to choose the right platform for app development. How do you choose between IOS or Andriod? The answer lies in the market research you did in your initial phase.

The research conducted on mobile operating system market share worldwide during 2020-2021 will throw valuable insights.

  • 71.93% for Android 
  • 27.47 % for IOS

The comparison of both platforms is listed below:

  • Android market is large compared to the IOS market share
  • Andriod users use a variety of screen types as compared to IOS users. 
  • Andriod users are significantly popular than IOS.
  • Revenue is better in IOS than in Andriod.

It all depends on what target audience you have in your mind.

If you plan to launch in the US, Australia, and western Europe, IOS is the clear leader. 

A new and cheaper alternative to the native development approach is cross-platform development. On Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones, cross-platform applications operate with a single codebase that reduces costs dramatically. Currently, it is 40 percent cheaper than the production of native software. The technique fits well with applications that do not need the inclusion of native hardware features (in-built cameras, accelerometer, or hygrometer).

Key Takeaway

A better way to avoid huge expenditure is to design the mobile app using codes in practice to build UI rather than creating custom architecture. Employ a highly dedicated developer team to command your project. You don’t want to be committing the usual product mistakes that have no place in the market. 

These tips will help you enhance your product launch and act as a roadmap to success. Keep the application interface simple with minimalistic operations. Contact us to find out more about developing a cost-effective mobile app.

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