Nov 13
Institute Management System Solution For Educational Institutions

Institute Management System An Extraordinary Solution For Educational Institutions

eTraverse comes up with an Institute Management System solution for educational institutions with a spectacular collection of customized features. It will enable you to reduce admin tasks and complex operations. In addition, web and mobile structures are designed to grasp the growing requirements of the educational industry.

With a desire to bring enhancement in the educational sphere, we built an Institute Management System that easily controls all education institutes and other activities hassle-free.

The purpose is to deliver a real-time system for managing educational institutes. Accordingly, many different types of reports and student’s status will be available just with a single click. Despite being in long queues, students of the institutes can clear their dues remotely and save their precious time and effort.

Some key modules included in the Institute Management System

1. Online Admission

The days are left behind when you used to fill each and every applicant’s forms manually as per school as well as university requirements. The Institute management system’s online admission functionality has eliminated the requirement of performing manual checks over the application form.

IMS will allow you to get this manual procedure in a hassle-free way for publishing admission forms. Students can digitally fill online applications and submit them further over the platform. An online admission system is facilitating the payment gateway for processing fees. 

Essential features for better analytics:-

  • Integrated module for data management and make better decisions
  • Simple and easy set-up of the admission process
  • Custom-fit modules to create a form

2. Inquiry Management

Students face many challenges whether about courses or the admission process. Now it is mandatory to affiliate them with a dedicated channel to inquire and get acknowledgment. The system eases the students by giving up the open channel to resolve the above issue. Through this, anyone can further add, remove, answer, or sort inquiries.  

The inquiry management process of the Institute Management System authorizes you to process and load data from the channel. Furthermore, all admins can feed data to the system for their respective queries. While the query has been added, the desired faculty will acknowledge and resolve the issues until the students/parents stay unsatisfied. 

IMS comes up with mobile app functionality to ease the information for inquiry purposes. Here, both the instructors and students get notifications via connected through a mobile app to remain informed.

Some fascinating feature of the mobile app:-

  • Direct calling – faculty can directly call the student or the parent
  • Quick response – to resolve queries
  • Send messages – students related to the inquiry
  • Sort inquiry – on the application status

3. Target Management

IMS facilitates an ultra edge target management system which grants the administrator transit assignments along with a particular due date, with ease. Students have to submit their tasks within a given time.

Accordingly, the institute can create tasks and enable targets for both staff and students. After completion, the tasks can get over to the system administrator, highlighting the status and keeping the higher authority informed.

The status of a task can wisely be managed and updated if the admin wants to enable the same task for any individual. It can be fulfilled by an auto-target function, which prevents the need to create the same target again and again.

4. Exams & Results

The school officials can supervise all exams weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually hassle-free with exam and result management software. Students can instantly be notified through mobile app and SMS notifications for scheduled exams. Additionally, the dashboard has the feature of an exam calendar for maintaining records of created exams. 

In addition, the administrative staff has to create term-based or semester-based exam results. Our system lets them make entries and provide an admirable layout considering all information regarding grades, CGPA, and other details of internal assessments. 

It is essential for parents to acquire their child’s annual performance in the school with the help of the report card. Result management is a very convenient report generation for exams and other performing activities regulated for junior classes of the school. The grades or points are secure while distributing key subjects and extracurricular activities with it.

5. Classwork and Homework Management

Feature of homework management permits students to upload their assignments over the internet. The timetable module parallelly connects through homework management so that the admin can visualize what has been taught and what are the things that need to be done.

This leads the faculty to alter or add assignments if required. Students will get automatic notifications via mobile app and web interface, which saves precious efforts and time of faculties. The portal has a broad view of the activities. Where admin will access whole statistics in the system and monitor all the activities that are engaging in a specific period.

Moreover, this functionality grants the foremost admin to track and manage the progress of others within the system.  On behalf of retrieved information, the admin can guide the faculty to alter their procedures to enhance efficiency and system performance. 

eTraverse conveys the absolute solutions for the administration of all events of institute operations in the most convenient and hassle-free way. We indulge in offering interactive mediums. Explore 20+ easy-to-use modules of the Institute Management System Solution For Educational Institutions to blend parents, students, and faculties for day-to-day classroom activities. 

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