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Pro Tips to choose the best LMS

Pro Tips to choose the best LMS for African Educational Institutes

All the basic necessary things that we require in our routine life are available at a few clicks away. You are having food cravings but doesn’t feel like to cook, order the food from your smartphone and get it delivered at your doorstep. Be it food, grocery or medicine, almost all the necessities are available at the comfort and convenience and so does the education. Nowadays, technology has changed education and it has been positively revolutionized.

The World Health Organization has declared Covid-19 as pandemic on March 11, 2020. This pandemic clocks month by month. Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted everything. The government of every country was imposing a lockdown, everything was shut down. Because of the pandemic, institutes approached full-fledged online education programs. You can see the impact of online learning in the world, and how digital learning is changing the face of education to getting into it.

So, In Such Countries where the way of traditional Learning is getting tough, how can we cope up with Online or Digital Learning? For that, we need the Learning Management System (LMS).

How LMS is Beneficial for Educational Institutions?

LMS brings technology and content together for eLearning. Basically, it’s a software application that provides comprehensive features like to deploy and track online training courses without geographical limitations. LMS is widely used for academic purposes.

Let’s start on how to choose the best LMS for African Institutes.

Initially, we will see the point as the general scenario, which globally identification feature of the LMS, Later on, we will see particular for African Institutes.

Knowing Your Audience

Students will be the first user of the Course. So, first of all do some research about who will be your targeted audience. If you are digitizing from the traditional system then know the  features and working style of the LMS. Here, we know that our first audience will be the African Institutes. They are going to use the LMS.

In African Institutes, Learners and students will vary. Also, Institutes deliver different types of courses. Let’s take some examples of that. If Employees are your trainee, then institutes need to select formal LMS which gives you features like employee onboarding, employee can manage their files. If it will be the students who want to learn engineering or something else the institute provides then LMS should have certification, different languages support course tickets etc features. So users who complete their training will understand the process of the services given by LMS.

Features of the LMS

By comprehensively researching the audience, you can completely understand your users. By features, you will stay with your audience.  

Features of the LMS decide the purpose of the LMS. For example, the student wants to learn content writing, so for sure, they want to achieve something in the content writing field. That’s why training will be the deciding factor for achievement. By the feature of the LMS Institutes will understand the achievable thing from the LMS. We’ve listed out some features of LMS, which you will look out for while selecting LMS.

1. User Friendly

Why does technology play a significant role in our life? To ease our life, right? So if anybody gives you complex technology to use, will it be useful for you? No, nobody wants to lose their cool in such a useless thing.

Here, the User-Friendly design and usage of the LMS should look first. Learners should feel comfortable while using LMS.

2. Reporting

Appealing design attracts the users, while good features make the users. Here, you should have raised the question, what will be the use of reporting in LMS? Reporting will start when a learner joins the institute. Day by day attendance, assignments tracking, where we reached in the course, exam taking, exam result all such things are introduced in reporting. By reporting features in LMS, tracking of the related course will become easier and accurate. 

3. Integrity of LMS

Any applications which use customer, it should have instauration feature in the app, In LMS Also needs integration feature. By any organization or institutes, they will achieve the efficiency of making their user safe by using right by this feature.

How we will connect the trainee and admin in LMS? The straightaway answer is LMS Integrations. Nowadays, access or making a profile in every application in one click away, so LMS should have to Sign Up feature integrated with the internet. 

4. Learning Sources and Portals

First, we will know about the learning sources. As a trainee or learner, they have the right to know about the learning sources, from where institutes are serving their material on particular. They will get the experience from the LMS, and then it becomes a portal. So these types of learning portals are best to use for learners. Learning Portals will help institutes from duplication, everything will be manageable in one place.  

5. xAPI and SCORM

Your LMS should have Support SCORM and xAPI. For content transmission one from this both features is necessary for LMS. It is a basic need in LMS.  

Now, you understand your audience and basic feature you’ll need. So, the selection process of LMS Becomes easier after two stages. After performing the selection process of these two stages, you have to evaluate the best LMS. You must have choices to select LMS for Institutes, so give them scores by adjusting the above tips. So, there are the main features that should have in every LMS

In terms of Engagement and Simplicity, you should praise such an LMS system that gives the above features. If you are looking for LMS System then eTraverse gives you LMS, features of this LMS matched up with what we have thought in the above tips.

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