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What makes a Good Learning Management System?

In recent years, the education sector has transformed its operations and had a profound impact due to technological innovations. There are innovations in teaching and learning practices across the globe. Academic institutions – be it higher or secondary institutions explore new ways of creating and developing educational resources and imparting knowledge. One such innovation is the learning management system. According to the report, the adoption of LMS expected to increase to $28.1 billion by 2025 as it has become the most preferred means of imparting education using modern tools.

You might be an instructor in a school, college, or educational institution that designs various course modules for the students on campus. In this technology-driven world, the learning management system in education may be the best solution for all your learning management digitally. It is a complete package that offers solutions to traditional classroom methods. A self-paced, virtual classroom transforms teaching and learning activities into a unique level. Yes, a good learning management system brings all the curricular activities under one roof. 

What is a good learning management system?

A learning management software is a program specially devised to train and impart knowledge to students effectively. Your educational institution needs a good learning management system to execute digital learning efficiently. What makes a good learning management system effective is it brings all learning management aspects of the educational institutes under a single platform. A good LMS monitors and engages student activities digitally—the fastest and easiest way to engage students in a rhythmic flow.

A good learning management system lets you perform several teaching and learning operations with ease. Yes, parents and teachers can effortlessly track academic performance. A good learning management system in South Africa ought to bring the online classroom to life to enhance teaching-learning activities.

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What characteristics define a good learning management system in Education?

There are many learning management software available, but let’s discuss what makes a good learning management system and the unique features that make it good. 

Response friendly user interface

A good learning management system must be response friendly and arrange the classroom data systematically for future references. The search interface needs to fetch you the much-needed data in no time with higher accuracy. The entire process follows an orderly mechanism to carry the teaching and learning process effectively.

Personalized & role-based access 

An ERP function with personalized modules qualifies for a good learning management system. A customized dashboard for students and teachers with many features makes the learning activity a joyful experience.

Installation and Implementation

Speed is one of the leading features of a good learning management system. Few minutes, all it takes for installation and implementation of ERP modules. Robust design lets you operate functions efficiently. 

Interactive Content Builder

A good learning management system in education must have standard features like creating quizzes, uploading presentations, lesson plans, course content. Yes, it should be 100% SCORM compliant, allowing you to integrate or upload SCORM content into your learning management system. Creating audio-video content supported by digital images as per the needs of the instructor enhances the learning experiences. Such a teaching and learning portal demonstrates the LMS’s credibility.

Multi-lingual support with data security and backup

A good learning management system in South Africa also comes with multi-language functionality. Yes, you may install any language you want. It comes with 90 different languages to choose from. You may launch courses in foreign languages and interact with students in their preferred language.

Alerts and Notifications 

With technology by your side, you may create wonders with a few steps. A simple and effective way to communicate with your students is to send alerts and notifications by creating a dedicated forum for all messages. Be it an activity update, test alert, meeting information, or a link to download course contents- students get all the announcements in one place.

Tailor-made modules

Every educational institute in South Africa wants to have modules that are useful to them. A good LMS must allow you to customize modules and plugins to serve the institute’s purpose. Each module can be tailor-made to fit your needs and expand the features as you go.

Cloud-based with Live support

A centralized system to access, manage, and store data and retrieves it when needed facilitates a good learning management system. A cloud-based system comes with added benefits to access and manage data on the go.

Empowers your staff to create course modules

A good online learning management tool must be a teacher’s assistant. A teacher wants to keep track of his/her student’s academic progress after course completion. LMS enables instructors to plan and execute the course modules effectively using Learning Paths feature. Learning management software empowers teachers to follow students’ performance easily. The assessment process captures every detail of student life at the institution.

Collaborative/Social Learning

Collaboration and social learning are still achievable in an online classroom. Audio chats, video conferencing with the entire class, group activities, assignments are the ways to build a personal rapport with the students. Students and teachers interact on an asynchronous mode of learning, allowing self-paced system modules – with each course having a separate forum on its own.

Gamification to promote engagement

A good learning management system in education must know how to engage the students using techniques the students are familiar with. It is not just imparting knowledge through theories. LMS should engage students through course activities, quizzes, questionnaires, and games to promote active learning. These embedded programs are available in LMS to ignite and unlock young minds’ potential. 

Course Completion Certificates

Learners get their certificates after successful completion of the course. A good LMS allows the instructor to create certificates in a few clicks seamlessly. All you need is to upload your logo into the system, customize and choose the design as per the course and generate certificates instantly. Learners will then be allowed to download a copy of the certificate from their classroom. You may even automate such tasks on the backend. Course completion certificates get generated once the instructor approves the final assignment.


Get access to all these features in a power-packed learning management software that comes in an ERP module to serve your needs. It will help you reduce all the pen and paperwork to streamline all the teaching-learning tasks hassle-free. Why not schedule a free demonstration of the learning management system and avail 15-day free trial before deciding to adopt.

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