Contact Safe brings together like-minded individuals through shared interests, enabling seamless matching and chatting experiences.

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Joris Van Huijstee, the owner and founder of De Eenling, Scribenti, Contact Safe, and, is a passionate writer and author who has dedicated his career to connecting people through his writings. However, he identified a need for a platform that goes beyond words on a page—a place where people of all ages can connect, make friends, and combat loneliness in an increasingly digital world. In this case study, we explore how Joris partnered with eTraverse to bring his vision to life by building an online social networking application.


  1. Increase User Base: Attract more people to join and use the platform to create a lively and active community.
  2. Generate Revenue Streams: Find ways to make money from the platform, which can include options like premium features, ads, or subscription models when more features are added.
  3. Build Trust and Recognition: Establish the platform as a trusted and reputable space for making meaningful connections. This involves maintaining a positive reputation.
  4. Maintain User Safety and Security: Create an environment where users whether it is boy or girl to make them feel safe and protected. This includes implementing measures to prevent harassment and ensuring data security.
  5. Optimize User Experience: Ensure that customers using the platform are enjoying, and intuitive. This involves providing a seamless and user-friendly interface.
  6. Expand User Base: Increase the platform’s visibility and attract more users through effective marketing and outreach strategies. For this they have also created one more web based app and youtube channel to let people know how it can be wonderful to talk to new people with safety measures.
  7. Continuous Improvement: Regularly gather feedback from users and make necessary improvements to enhance the platform’s features and services.
  8. Foster Community Building: Encouraging users to build a sense of community by having meaningful connections and interactions with each other.
  9. Data Protection and Privacy Compliance: Security measure is the main objective. Implement strict measures to safeguard user information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  10. Revenue Growth and Sustainability: Work towards a steady increase in earnings and ensure the platform’s financial stability for the long term.
  11. Effective Customer Support: Provide responsive and helpful customer support to address user inquiries and concerns promptly.
  12. Innovation and Updates: Continue to introduce new and exciting features to the platform to maintain user interest and satisfaction.

CHALLENGE: Joris envisioned an online networking application that would serve as a platform for people to connect and make meaningful friendships. The challenge was to create a user-friendly and secure application that would cater to users of all ages and provide a safe space for interaction by giving features that maintain the privacy of a user at priority. The user has to be genuine and cannot harass or bully anyone. The application needed to be scalable, intuitive, and able to handle a growing user base. Addressing these challenges was essential to creating an online networking application that fulfilled Joris Van Huijstee’s vision of providing a platform where individuals of all ages could connect, make friends, chat, call and combat feelings of loneliness in a secure and supportive environment.


The eTraverse team worked closely with Joris to understand his vision, goals, and target audience. We conducted discussions with Joris to gather detailed requirements, including the desired features, user profiles, and functionality of the application. The application was designed to offer a range of features, including user profiles, messaging capabilities, interest-based groups, and advanced search functionalities. Some main features to be noted here were showing match lists according to their preferences, face detection feature at the time of registration to omit fake profiles, bullying and harassment. The team focused on front end and back end development. To ensure responsiveness and a seamless user experience and setting up the server infrastructure, database management, and implementing robust security measures. eTraverse implemented these features while prioritizing user privacy, data security, and smooth performance. Once testing was successfully completed, the application was deployed to a hosting environment, and the necessary configurations were made for its online accessibility.

KEY FEATURES: Contact Safe is a dating app that connects users based on mutual interests and preferences allowing them to match and chat with each other. Some key features of the Contact Safe app include:

  1. Profile Creation: Users can create their profiles by providing basic information such as name, age, location, and a brief bio selfie video. It is a compulsion to upload a photo and a short video to showcase themselves. A feature keeping the security in mind.
  2. Create Match list: Contact Safe’s signature feature is to view the match list according to set preferences. Users are presented with a list of other users and add to their contact list once they feel comfortable after having a basic conversation.
  3. Create Contact list: When two users result in a match, they can send contact requests to each other, it results in a “contact list” after approval. Both users are then notified of the contact and can proceed to chat with each other.
  4. Chatting: Once a match or contact is made, users can engage in private messaging within the app. This allows them to get to know each other better and potentially plan a meeting or date.
  5. Audio call: It has implemented an audio call feature. This feature enhances communication and provides an additional way for users to connect and get to know each other before meeting in person.
  6. Video call: It has implemented the video call feature for contact list users. Similarly, this feature also enhances communication and provides an additional way for users to connect and get to know each other before meeting in person.
  7. Discovery Preferences: Contact Safe offers customization options for users to set their preferred gender, age range, and location filters to narrow down their potential matches.
  8. View Profiles: In addition to making contacts, users have the option to view someone’s profile of all the users they wish to see. This feature allows them to view details of user, photo and selfie intro video.
  9. Safety Features: Contact Safe has implemented various safety features, including photo verification, selfie video verification and the ability to report and block other users in case of harassment or inappropriate behavior.

Tech Stack: Programming Language / Scripting language – Java, Objective C and Swift CMS/ Framework – XMPP, PJSIP Backend – Core Data and MySQL