Transforming VAD Group’s Digital Presence to Boost Growth and Innovation

  • Project: VAD Group  Construction

  • Industry: Construction

  • Service Offered: Web Development 

  • Region: South Africa

About The Client

Together, VAD Development and VAD Construction form the vibrant consortium called- The VAD Group. After starting in 2019 as a home renovation company, VAD Construction quickly expanded to become a multifaceted construction company capable of managing projects involving institutions, businesses, industries, residences, and renovations. 2020 saw the VAD Group broaden its scope into the development of multi-residential real estate, which resulted in the founding of VAD Group Developments. Situated in the broader Kwa-Zulu Natal region of Durban, South Africa, their flagship project, Rewa Estate, exemplifies their dedication to excellence and innovation in the building sector.

Business Needs

  • Limited Reach: Geographical constraints limited the VAD Group’s customer base, making it more difficult for them to penetrate new markets and grow their company.
  • Competitive disadvantage: VAD Group was unable to successfully communicate with clients or stay up to date with industry changes due to their need for a robust web presence. 
  • Marketing and Communication: VAD Group’s lack of social media presence and affordable internet marketing platforms made it harder to connect with current clients and acquire new ones. 
  • Data and Customer Insights: VAD Group found it challenging to obtain valuable information on the behaviour and preferences of their customers, which made it difficult to comprehend their target market and successfully personalize products.

In addition to this, our client wanted to add unique features to the user verification process of a 20-second selfie video clip with location-based matches.

Our Solutions

After consultation with the client, one thing was crystal clear: the client needs a website as soon as possible. According to the experts of eTraverse the website was likely to address all the challenges faced by the VAD group thus far. Our aim in this symbiosis was to develop a vibrant website that would act as a digital storefront, giving prospective clients quick access to details about the products and services of the VAD Group. The website would also highlight VAD Group’s experience and reliability, which would help them win over new clients and strengthen their position as a market leader. We had designed to help VAD Group reach a wider audience, draw in new clients, and enhance their overall business success. The experts of eTraverse kept VAD group’s challenges of limited reach, communication gap and lack of data insights targeted during the development.

In addition to the challenges already identified, the team of eTraverse made sure to assist the client with a few blind spots and provided a conclusive solutions that comprised of-

  • Modern and Responsive Website Design: VAD Group’s brand identity was reflected in the creation of an aesthetically pleasing website that also made sure to work on all devices.
  • Intuitive Navigation: An intuitive navigation system was put in place to help visitors navigate quickly and improve their online experience.
  • Engaging Content Strategy: To highlight VAD Group’s experience, value proposition, and the issues they resolved for their clients, exciting and educational content was produced.
  • Lead generation strategies: To generate leads and turn them into devoted clients, contact forms were placed strategically, calls to action were made evident, and marketing automation systems were integrated. 
  • Portal for Contractor Partnership: To improve efficiency and collaboration, a particular site was created to make it easier to form partnerships with contractors. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using best practices, VAD Group’s website ranked higher for pertinent terms in search engine results, resulting in an increase in organic traffic. 
  • User-Friendly Design with Elementor: To guarantee simplicity of use and maintenance, Elementor was used in the website’s design. 
  • Video Portfolio Display: To improve visual appeal and trustworthiness, a video portfolio display was incorporated into the website. 
  • Database: My SQL and Core Data
  • Version Control: Git
  • Programming Language: Java and Swift
  • Webserver: Apache 2.4.x
  • Protocols: XMPP, PJSIP

Value Delivered

The collaboration aided the business to touch new zeniths of success. What is notable is that it also aided society by concocting local job prospects and contributing to the economic evolution of the geographical region. Further, by establishing itself as a reputed construction firm, VAD Group has set a bar for other construction businesses, exhibiting the benefits of a solid online existence and digital marketing approaches in the construction industry. This can inspire other construction businesses to invest in similar digital initiatives, leading to overall growth and competitiveness in the industry.

Here are a few concrete results we were able to fetch for our client

  • Search Engine Ranking: SEO optimization efforts resulted in a 30% improvement in search engine rankings for relevant keywords.
  • Customer Engagement: The average time spent on the website increased by 25%, indicating improved engagement.
  • Partnership Growth: The contractor partnership portal led to a 20% increase in contractor partnerships, enhancing collaboration and project efficiency.


The prestigious VAD Group, which consists of VAD Development and VAD Construction, started a digital transformation process to improve its online presence and get over geographical constraints. Our team of experts helped them through website development & designing, to help them get hold of lead-generating tactics. VAD Group was able to increase interaction with their existing clients and grow their clientele through their website’s traffic conversion. Increased website traffic and higher search engine ranks were the results of SEO optimization and user-friendly design that our team had carefully crafted. Collaborations with contractors were made more accessible via the partnership portal, which increased project efficiency. This change not only established VAD Group as a reliable and trustworthy construction partner, but it also had an excellent social impact by generating employment possibilities locally and stimulating growth within the industry.

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