Efficient Expense Management Module

Efficient Expense Management Module

Tracking all the accounts payable will show you where your institute’s business stands and what are the necessary changes required behind the long-term business decisions for your institution. With the expense management module of eTraverse institute management system, you can now keep a steady track of all the expenses from your institution. As no business runs for free, expenses are something that grows hand in hand with the growth of your institute’s company. Hence, keeping track of the overlay of expenses from a single place can be convenient. Track, categorize, and bill customers whenever required through our expense management system.

Recurring Expenses Management

We can help you with the automatic generation of invoices with the help of eTraverse expense management system. Creating a recurring profile for all the expenses is almost hassle-free and can take place regularly with our system. It is so much convenient for admin or operator to access the system and maintain the records at ease.

Save your Valuable Time on Expense Reports

In the field of accounting, nothing works better than the actual proof of all the transactions made. Hence, with the expense management module of our IMS, you can attach all the credit notes, receipts, and bills with the associated transactions.

  • Our expense management module eliminates risks associated with human errors while calculating and totaling expenses of an account.
  • A significant reduction in redundancy to maintain all the financial records is achieved.
  • Complete compliance with the tax and accounting regulations as laid down by the Income Tax Department, Government of India is maintained.
  • Assists in quantifying the budget planning for a company or an institute and offers superior flexibility when it comes to expandability in line to accommodate any changes or more growth.
  • Assured growth of an institution while simultaneously maintaining all the financial transactions correctly through a unified expense management system.
  • Management of fees, expenses, transfers, cheques, passbook, and other miscellaneous withdraws and deposits from one place itself.

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