Finance Management

Finance Management

Finance plays a significant role in the right functioning of any business, be it an SME or an educational institute. To help you run your educational institute without financial disruptions, eTraverse has designed the most convenient finance management module. A unified module ensures less dependency on any other form of financial management.

  • Strategically improve your business performance:

By having a streamlined system for all the payments and bill collections, our finance module makes it easier for your institute to improve its business performance.

  • Improve business productivity:

The chances of human errors are almost near to zero with eTraverse finance module. It helps to increase the overall efficiency by keeping up with up to the mark accounting technologies.

  • Generate Finance reports at your fingertips:

From keeping track of all your payments and receivables, it is so convenient to coordinate with finance, expanse, and balance sheets with eTraverse finance module.

Manage Trusts and Companies:

  • With the help of the finance management module of eTraverse institute management system, the admin can create and manage multiple admins with the option of linking their bank accounts directly.
  • All the miscellaneous fees can be auto-scheduled to different companies from our module. Doing so, a particular fee amount from a specific category gets automatically transferred to the selected company’s account.

Fees and Wallet Management


  • Up to the mark management of fees from various centers of the institutes and can manage the collections and reports accordingly
  • Report generation is almost instantaneous with our finance management system

Wallet Facility

Our financial management module also allows the institute to collect advance amounts from the parents to adjust to the future expenses on their school campus. The same amount gets reflected in the form of e-money and will be available in the wallet section.


A comprehensive report of all the financial transactions conducted through the eTraverse finance management module will be available for access in the ePassbook. Filters make it easier to navigate between cash, cheque, or online transactions.

Cheque Histories and Transfer Money

  • Our finance module also helps in receiving, depositing, and clearing cheques as per the required banking standards. Once a cheque gets cleared, the amount automatically shows up in the linked bank account.
  • Admin can easily transfer money through cash from the institute’s account to a sub-branch account internally.

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