Advanced Mobile App

Advanced Mobile App

Adding mobility is not an option but the need of the hour. eTraverse Institute Management System has taken a step forward to design and develop a counter mobile application for the web interface. The advanced application has been designed, keeping in mind the need to integrate device features along with application requirements.

With the eTraverse Institute Management System’s mobile app, you can effectively access the portal as and when needed. In addition to the above, the app provides features such as GPS tracking, leave management, examination management, attendance tracking, sending notifications, reminders, etc.

Access to different features is given based on the user role. An advanced profile is created for the management team. They have access to all of the above features, along with a 360° view of the entire infrastructure. If you are looking to add the flexibility of operations while integrating mobility, eTraverse will help you with a scalable, robust, and advanced school mobile application.

Are you wondering how to get started with your institute’s management activities? Get in touch with our team, and we will help you gauge all of the hurdles, enabling you to transform your way of teaching and go mobile with ease.

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