Announcement & Forums

Announcement & Forums

Forums are an excellent way to broadcast messages to all of the students participating in a specific course. Imagine the time and efforts spent to notify each of the learners. On the flip side, making announcements on a dedicated forum makes it easier for both the instructor and the learner.

Where the former can cut down the time and reach out to all, through a single portal, learners would have the ease to connect with the instructor and also with the ones part of the course. This paves the way for open communication between all, boosting the quality of learning.

Though there is an array of LMS, not all provide the ease to have a dedicated forum, however, Bokamoso LMS is an all-in-one solution, and it has created the platform in a way that serves all of the purposes.

An important one being the integration of the Announcement channel. Using the platform, both the trainers and the learners can engage in conversation, create a specific thread, and communicate with ease.

Additional features of the forums include rating the posts within the forum. Also, images and other media files can be attached to the posts within the forum. Bokamoso has added another feature where the students can also rate each other’s posts.

With Bokamoso LMS, the announcement forums

  • Give instructors the ease to disable replies to posts, preventing students from spamming the same.
  • As a mandate, all of the posts have the image of the author.
  • By default, everyone who has enrolled for the course will have access to the forum.
  • Nested threads could be created to keep the discussion on.

Choose from a range of forums as open-to-all, the teacher only, course news, etc., to add flexibility to your online courses.

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