Are you planning to create online courses that enable you to certify the learners?

Bokamoso LMS will help you with all.

As a significant learning management system, Bokamoso LMS has the provision to build and generate certificates for the course takers, once the same has been completed. With us, you will never have to manually design or integrate courses. Instead, everything would be automated and function seamlessly on the backend.

Bokamoso LMS gives you the ease to set up constraints or barriers when it comes to awarding certifications.

Ways of Providing Certificates

  • Default for all

At times, there are programs or modules that have been designed to teach users the basics. Primarily, these could either be a free course or a paid one. Here, certifications are given to every student who completed the course. In such a case, you would need a default setting for the course. Everyone who finishes the course can automatically get a certificate.

  • Score bound

Not every time a certificate is given to the attendees of the course. For situations such as these, you would need to set a minimum score for the test. Only after a candidate passes the test within the score, will he be given a certificate for the course.

Customizing Certificates on the Go

With Bokamoso LMS, you will have total control over the assessments and can manually enter the scores as and when needed to ensure that no foul play has been part of the process. Also, it gives you the ease to customize the certificate in a way that it has your own logo and reflect your brand.

Give users the ease to access, generate, and also print certificates for the courses taken. Apparently, the certificates are e-certificates by students who can effectively download the same and get it printed.

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