Cloud-based Learning

Cloud-based Learning

Bokamoso LMS is one of the leading cloud-based learning management systems. All of the information is hosted over the cloud, eliminating the need to have local storage. With this, you can easily attain access to the courses, user data, and other details directly from the cloud.

Bokamoso LMS doesn’t require you to install the application within the system. Instead, run it remotely from across the globe.

One of the primary reasons people fail to learn is their inability to visit institutions. Bokamoso LMS makes it easier for educators and students to learn. Educators have access to the system where they can effectively upload courses, schedule activities, and engage with the learners. On the flip side, students or the ones that have enrolled for the course can access relevant materials as and when convenient.

Is the platform secured?

While the cloud-based platform definitely simplifies the process of learning, the security of the platform is a skeptical issue.

Well, you don’t have to worry when collaborating with Bokamoso LMS.

Embedding a robust system, we have adopted all of the security protocols and are vigilant 24/7. For one, we have experts that perform an update every day. Even if the system crashes or something goes wrong, you will have our back. We facilitate recovery and backup of your data with ease.

Also, all of the information exchanged is done via HTTPS. So, you will never have to worry, and your data security would never be compromised.

Are you wondering why a cloud-based solution?

A cloud-hosted LMS comes with tons of benefits. To begin with, cloud applications enhance the reach tremendously. While a local LMS would be limited to a region, cloud-based LMS have global exposure. To add to this, cloud solutions are device-independent. Whether mobile or a laptop, web or anything, you can run the application without running into the risk of losing your connection.

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