Learning Paths

Learning Paths

Enabling instructors to plan and draft modules in a way that fuels engagement, Bokamoso LMS provides a learning path. The feature is primarily an automated function that helps structure training activities in the best possible way. The overall structure is segmented into an array of activities, starting with onboarding to learning and assessment. Throughout the learning process, the learning path feature ensures that all of the resources are accessible to the learners at all points of time.

Bokamoso LMS supports the learning path feature giving instructors the ease to design and construct the courses that simplify the learning process.

What is special about Bokamoso LMS’ Learning Path Feature?

Bokamoso LMS has a custom-designed feature that enables the instructors to create integrated modules or courses leveraging an array of training methods. Further, the learning path allows the admin to define policies that conclude the completion of a course. Admin can add certificates once the course is successfully completed.

In addition to this, specific criteria can be added within the courses to testify the performance of the candidate before giving the certificate.

In case the courses are designed for the company executives, the admin can automate the assigning process based on roles and domains. You can also set up notifications and reminders to indicate the enrollment of a course. Limiting the visibility of the courses to a particular group of people is also possible using the learning path feature.

Employee onboarding and training is another feat added to the learning path feature as rendered by Bokamoso LMS. Instead of consolidating all of the courses together, it helps segment the courses into different nodules and structure the course likewise. In fact, courses can be added in a sequence, and criteria are added to the visibility of the course.

Automate learning with Bokamoso LMS Path Feature and have a learning experience like never before.

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