Messaging (site-wide/group)

Messaging (site-wide/group)

It’s true that forums are an effective way that interacts and engage with the instructors/ students, yet they are open. Meaning that if someone wants to keep the communication private, forums will not suffice.

This is where Bokamoso LMS’s chat or messaging feature comes into the picture. Messaging feature comes with a chat window that facilitates real-time communication and in a synchronous manner. Both the instructor and the student have the provision to initiate an engagement using the messaging feature. Unlike the forums that have multiple people communicating at the same time, messaging channels are silent and allow one to one interaction.

In addition to the above, Bokamoso LMS also has the option of group messaging facilitating interaction between a dedicated group of people.

The messaging portal has tons of features and has the option of limiting chat visibility under a series of conditions. Also, the instructors can schedule a chat or save it for future reference. Users would have the ease to view, read, and even delete chats as and when needed.

Bokamoso being one of the leading learning management systems, has induced the messaging feature adding flexibility and improving communication. Go ahead and start a conversation with your instructor today.

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