Multiple user enrollment options

Multiple user enrollment options

Having students sign up for your course and get started with the learning process is indeed bliss. As much as the idea of having enrollment pleases you, the process might weary you off.

Wondering why?

The fact that cloud-based courses have a global reach, there are tons of people signing up. The enrollment process here becomes tough and would take days to approve all of the candidates.

This is where Bokamoso LMS seems the best solution. We, at Bokamoso LMS, gives you the ease to automate the enrollment process and accelerate the entire process.

With Bokamoso LMS, you can effectively draw a link between the course page or the website store page with the enrollment module. The system would then automatically fetch the details from the page and display the same on to the enrollment module.

This way, the entire process is automated, and students can enroll without requiring your assistance. Once the process has been completed, the user’s dashboard would be updated with the course module, giving them access to the same.

Bokamoso LMS also has the provision of manually enrolling for the course by uploading a CSV file with the details of the students. Precisely, the platform allows you to choose between manual or automated enrollment depending upon your needs.

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