Lesson Planning

An essential process through which various schools cover the entire syllabus for students is lessen planning. Hence, it is of utmost priority to make the complete process of lesson planning optimized so that none of the topics from the syllabus is left behind. This is a serious task and thus needs the attention of unique software that organizes all these works for the lesson planner or be it the teachers. eTraverse’s lesson planner provides complete authority to the planners and teachers. eTraverse school lesson planner reduces the time and effort usually required to do this task.

Lesson Planning: Three Core Modules

  1. Teacher’s Personal Diary

A rough draft or the mind map of teachers, the diary would be the get to go for every teacher. It is important for educators to have a holistic view of the entire lesson and then segment it into different phases to simplify the process.

For instance, suppose that there are five different parts of a single topic. Teachers can plan and design the topic day wise, decide the start date, and then the expected duration for completion. The diary would serve as the direct point of collaboration, and teachers can use it to:

  1. Create subject wise plans.
  2. Chalk out the syllabus and divide it into parts to schedule the deliverables.
  3. Assign homework directly from the channel.

eTraverse Institute Management System has the provision of creating class wise plans and customize the same as per the needs and convenience.


  1. Tracking Course Syllabus

The lesson planning module enables the admin to keep track of the courses and the lesson that has already been delivered to the students. The interface has a status bar that allows one to update the status of the lessons completed, the ones that are in progress, and others as yet to be executed.

To be precise, the user can pick the status from any of the below three choices:

  1. “In Progress” – Off White Colour
  2. “Completed” – Green Colour
  3. “Pending” – Red Colour

Having a distinct color makes it easier to track the status from the reports as generated and built by the admin.

Tracking the syllabus of a course provides a 360° view of the completion status and the timeline for the same. The admin can then strategically move forward with the course to complete the syllabus within the given time period.


  1. Syllabus Completion Updates

eTraverse lesson planner can send notifications to the parents regarding the status of their ward’s syllabus completion. Therefore, parents can keep a check on all the unfinished topics.

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