Online Admissions

Online Admissions

Long gone are the days when you had to manually detest each and every applicant’s form to find the one best mapping the university requirements. With the eTraverse Institute Management System’s online admission system, you can eliminate the need to perform manual checks over the application form.

eTraverse IMS brings you the ease to enter into a 100% paperless process of admission. Top features include:

Consolidated data for better analytics.

  • CRM integration to manage data and make better decisions.
  • Simple and easy set-up of the admission process
  • Custom-fit modules to create forms

With eTraverse, you can design and develop an online channel to publish admission forms. Students can access the portal, digitally fill in the details and submit it over the platform. The admission portal has a payment gateway integration that facilitates online payment if the processing fees.

All of this not only makes the process easier but also saves a lot of time spent in assessing applications and selecting the ideal candidate. The administration committee will have the ease of running the data over the analytics. This helps to make better decisions and pick the right candidate. With the eTraverse Institute Management System, the admin can schedule messages and set up follow-ups to effectively handle every query.

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