SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Creating an easy way to connect and collaborate with all

eTraverse Institute Management System facilitates one-click SMS gateway to every one part of the network. Irrespective of what kind of educational institution it is, poor communication is one of the biggest issues of all time.

Starting with the admin to the faculties, the parents’ and the management team, everyone faces a tough time interacting with others in real-time. This is where the idea of SMS integration peeps in. Having a one-to-one chat box makes it easier for all to connect as and when needed with the right person.

eTraverse SMS integration feature is one that gives you the flexibility to customize your institute management software and incorporate a messaging window.

How Do Having SMS Feature Help?

Be it the parents or the teachers, the management of the admin, everyone would, at some point in time, need to connect or interact with each other. Calling into each of them at once or in succession consumes a lot of time.

With an SMS window, users can easily communicate with each other directly through the application. Nobody needs to leave the application and make a call to clarify a doubt or provide instruction. The chat feature does it all for you.

What’s the best thing about having an SMS feature is an ease offered in terms of communication. With a chat window, one can instantly connect and communicate with others.

Advantages of SMS Integration

  • Saves Time

The first and the most important thing about the SMS window is that it reduces the time spent on engaging with others. Calling now and then consumes a lot of time and is not always feasible. On the other hand, using the messaging feature, one can connect within seconds without having to leave the current task.

  • Reduces Efforts

In the absence of a chatbox, the admin or the faculty has to share notices or circulars to notify the students about something important. This again requires a lot of effort and time. The SMS feature allows both direct messaging and group messaging, which means that there could be an array of students along with the faculty in a single group. The teacher can then send a message, and it would be broadcasted to all parts of the group.

  • Simplifies Communication

Another fascinating feature of an SMS option is that it streamlines communication between all. In fact, the parents can also have access to the chat window where they can interact with the school management or the faculty to know more about the in-school activities and learn about the progress of their kids.

  • Bridges Gap between authority and parents

As a one-click response system, the SMS gateway bridges the gap between the parents and the school authority. They can receive timely messages on the upcoming exams, the school activities, their kid’s performance, and also about the fees. Parents’ can have instant access to the window, and if required, they can also send personal messages to the admin in case of discrepancy.

Messages can be scheduled and managed to keep everyone informed and updated within the institution.

Are you wondering why you should opt for eTraverse Institute Management System?

We are one of the leading institute management systems and helps institutions set up a messaging window within their application. We render custom-fit solutions depending upon the need of the educational institution. The interface is designed adhering to the dynamics of an educational institution and has several templates that can be used the send a message.

Get in touch with us to know more about the SMS Gateway by eTraverse Institute Management System.

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