User Directory

User Directory

Similar to the traditional directory used to track numbers or details of a person, the online user directory by the eTraverse Institute Management System enables consolidating all of the student’s information under a single head with the help of our best user directory software.

The directory is more like the student’s diary that has information related to the student, the faculty as well as the staff. The school user directory gives admin the ease to store as well as extract user information from the portal.  The interface is simple and intuitive, enabling users to navigate across the system without any hassle.

At any instant of time, the user directory allows the admin or anyone accessing the portal to get hold of the information. With the eTraverse Institute Management System’s user directory, the admin can easily store thousands of files under a single head.

Being a cloud-driven system, the files or the user data can then be accessed as and when needed by the admin. The user directory portal is integrated with other modules within the system so as to facilitate one-click data extraction.

The user directory has information related to the staff and the faculty as well. This helps track the attendance of the faculty, which is then used to assign and add tasks to the management system.

We have a separate form that facilitates the addition of data within the system, every time a new student or staff is added to the portal.

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