HR Management

HR Management

Human Resource Management module of our Institute Management System is all about maintaining a database of all the employees working at the school or an institute. Our HR management system can assign school employees their necessary duties while monitoring the assigned tasks to different employees by using the right technology.

Staff Management

One of the most significant activities under the HR Management module is staff management. Our integrated HR management system is one of the most suitable solutions for your existing HR management problems. It can keep a count of all the leaves taken by the staff along with keeping track of their daily attendance by using a (Walkthrough, Biometric, Manual) machine. Other data like salary breakage, salary slips, PF, TDS, and other calculation reports can be found under our HR management system.

Employee Record

Our HR management system allows the school admin staff to manage the various daily activities of their employees. Monitor employee performance, leaves, salary to be paid/ deducted, and several other employment-related agreements from our all in one module. It helps to save a lot of valuable time and money for the school, as all the tasks are performed carefully by our online HRMS software, allowing the institution to focus on the overall development of their teacher, staff, and all the other employees working under their management.

Leave Tracker

Under our online HRMS software, it is so convenient to track sick, paid, family, and medical leaves of an employee under the good observation of administrative. With the help of our HR management system, a school employee can apply for leaves and access these data upon their convenience from the web and mobile whenever they want to. It helps them to plan and request for their next leave in advance and keeping their salary deductions in mind. An academic calendar, including all the pre-approved holidays by the school, can also be generated by our system.

Salary Generation

In the HR management section, a comprehensive salary management system is provided. This helps to calculate teachers, staff, and employees’ salaries after deducting their leaves. Once all the necessary deductions are calculated, then our system generates a salary slip that can be saved as a PDF format. Our system eliminates the need and trouble of manually calculating the salary of the school staff.

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