Bokamoso Learning Management System

A cloud-based solution to all your learning needs

As a scalable, user-driven, and budget-friendly learning management system, Bokamoso LMS is an excellent application running over the cloud. The tool is designed to tailor to the exhaustive needs of training and imparting knowledge.

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Bokamoso online classroom
Bokamoso learning management system

Every educational institute requires a robust learning management system. It is not just because of the simplicity of the interface but also because of the ease offered in terms of engagement. Of all the numbers of digital learning and management solutions available in the market, how would you choose the best eLearning solution for your institute that perfectly fulfills your eLearning requirements? 

It’s so simple! When it comes to choosing the best digital learning management solutions for the institute, make sure you are choosing the learning management software that has utility, price, maintenance, and compatibility. 

Bokamoso digital learning management system is the fastest and easiest way to engage learners in the right flow. Complimenting e-classes, Bokamoso LMS enhances the entire cycle of learning. Backed by industry-best tools, digital learning management supports multimedia content and provides a personalized approach to the creation of virtual classrooms.

We are a renowned LMS software provider in South Africa, and with our cloud-based learning management system, you can effectively streamline end-to-end e-learning activities across your education institute. With Bokamoso LMS, you will have the power to bring your classroom online.

Get in touch with us today to experience new ways of learning styles that combine virtual, self-paced, and traditional classroom methods into a holistic learning experience.  Bokamoso LMS is the best learning solution for your institute to power your success.

LMS Features

Cloud Based Learning

Learning Paths

Interactive Content Builder

Multilingual Support

Time Tracker

Course Tickets



Convenient File Management

Social Learning

Course Management Feature

Online Classroom Features

& Forums

Quizzes and Surveys

Appointment Scheduler

Messaging (site-wide/group)

Personalized Dashboards

Course grouping
and Cohorts

SCORM Compliant

Multiple user enrollment



All in one calendar

Integrated Features

TinCan/xAPI Complaint

TinCan/xAPI Complaint

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Integration of content from external Sources

Integration of content from external Sources

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