Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

Learning through a cloud-based system is a self-paced process, and for the majority of the time, the courses are uploaded by the instructor, and the students can then access the same remotely.

However, at times it is essential to connect with the instructor and clarify doubts. This is where you need to have an option for scheduling appointments. Similarly, it might so happen that the instructors need to connect with the students.

An appointment scheduler is one that enables instructors to pick up specific time slots and schedules an appointment with the student(s).

Does Bokamoso LMS enable you to do so?

Yes, Bokamoso LMS has integrated an appointment scheduler within the system so as to enable the admin to schedule an appointment and connect with your students on the go. Using the portal, you can book slots and schedule meetings both for a single and multiple students at the same time.

What sets the appointment schedule apart from others in the industry is the ease offered to cancel the same. The admin cannot just automate appointments but also cancel or reschedule them if needed.

Get started with scheduling your appointment on the go using the Bokamoso learning management system.

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