Creating an online learning system, there are multiple things that you need to take care of. Starting with the interface to the design, the modules to be added, the chat window, and the notification box, everything is supposed to be up to the mark.

What else?

How about assignments?

Do your courses include assignments and other activities?

When it comes to creating engaging courses, integrating activities and other assignments is a must. It is one way to drive engagement between the learners and the instructors.

With the Bokamoso learning management system, you can easily drive interaction between the two. From quizzes to online classrooms, video assignments to survey and workshops, the platform supports all.

Of all the above, assignments are an excellent way to keep track of the student’s progress and assess the overall performance.

But what is an assignment activity?

An assignment activity is one where the students are given an open channel to submit all of their work and receive grades from the instructors. Teachers can also provide feedback and additional comments on the assignments. These could be anything from a form to be filled on the digital platform itself or something to be done manually and uploaded in the form of PDF, image, or doc files.

The sole purpose behind such activities is to keep track of the student’s progress while giving them a feel of real-time engagement. Some of the fascinating things about the activity include the ease to view them online or download it for offline perusal. Further, the assignments could be time-bound, and teachers will have the ease to testify and providing comments as feedback.

Grading, late tags, and regarding are few other features of the LMS’s assignment feature. Bokamoso has designed the overall feature adhering to the real-time assessments, ensuring that the activity is addressed and carefully completed.

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