Sort of reporting, attendance in LMS keeps track of learners, the courses, and the staff. In fact, it is one of the most powerful features of a learning management system. With attendance in place, you can have all of the data logged in a single platform.

But what’s unique about the Bokamoso LMS’s attendance log feature?

With Bokamoso LMS, you can customize the type of reports you wish to have within your system. For instance, you can have a dedicated attendance log that keeps an eye on the number of the students that have attended your courses and how many left the same. It is a tracker that gives insights on how many have enrolled for a course and how many have completed the same.

What else?

The attendance report provides information on how many have left within a particular stage, notifying if there is a course that doesn’t have any learners. To add to this, you can have information about the number of hours a student is signed up, and similarly, the log works effectively for your staff.

Bokamoso LMS provides detailed reports on the attendance of the students for a particular course, helping you customize the courses for future reference.

Are they wondering why you should collaborate with us?

Apart from being highly comprehensive about the attendance log and offering the ease to automate a majority of the processes, Bokamoso LMS gives the ease to share the log with others. You can also raise notifications if a student, though enrolled, isn’t attending the course.

The interface of Bokamoso LMS is simple, with enough information on how to use it. Students will also have access to the information displayed on their dashboard. All of the data displayed are grouped into a series and in terms of students, courses, and dates.

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