Collaborative/ Social Learning

Collaborative/Social Learning

Online learning is more into a trend only because of the fact that it is self-paced, giving students the ease to learn as and when convenient. However, there’s a drawback too.

And what is that?

Most of the online learning channels lack collaboration. It is noted that learning with multiple people together not only makes it fun and engaging but also gives them the room to interact and share each other’s learning. What’s best about learning through collaboration is that it accounts for faster learning and helps retain the same easily.

Are you womndering whether we provide the same feature?

Definitely, yes.

We at eTraverse, are highly focused when it comes to building platforms. Our experts consider it essential to have all the features to improve and enhance the end to the end learning process. Adhering to the above, our learning management system allows you to create online forums, chat rooms, and dedicated groups for the courses.

Leveraging the above, students, along with the instructors, can quickly enter into conversation with each other and grow collaboratively.

How do we stand out?

Collaboration isn’t a new thing and has always been a core of the online course. What sets up apart is that Bokamoso LMS has a variety of choices helping institutors design their curriculum and boost engagement.

  • Forums For Each Course

With Bokamoso LMS, you can integrate an online forum for each and every course that is part of your e-learning programs. This gives students the ease to connect and talk about all of the modules, share their views, and know more about the courses.

  • Chat Rooms

Separate chat rooms allow students to connect on a personal level while promoting asynchronous communication.

  • Online Classrooms Live Engagement

Bokamoso LMS also has the feature to host live modules directly from the platform. This includes audio chats and video conferencing to build a personal relationship with the students while imparting knowledge.

Group activities and assignments are another way of promoting interaction and improving the overall learning process with us.

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