Convenient File Management

Convenient File Management

Accessing online courses and learning might be easy. But the process of creating such modules, segmenting them into different courses, and then clubbing each to become one single program takes a lot of time and effort. Even if a single file is misplaced or if you fail to incorporate them in the right folder, everything would be a mess.

Would you want that to happen?

Hopefully, you would prefer anything but that.

Bokamoso LMS has a well-designed backend with a simple interface that makes the task of managing files work like a breeze. The platform supports all types of files required for the course. Whether you wish to have a document added or a pdf attached, a video to be uploaded or say, an image to be embedded, the Bokamoso learning management system encompasses all.

Creating course layouts is again an easy job to do. Depending upon the need, you can either display the documents in a standalone environment or bundle them together to make a package. What’s best about the platform is that it provides a drag and drop tool to simply take the files and import it as and when needed.

Another fascinating thing here is that the platform doesn’t restrict you or limit the number of files that can be uploaded. Besides, the tool also allows you to edit or update files without laying an impact on the existing modules.

Design your first course and manage files like a pro with Bokamoso LMS.

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