Course grouping and Cohorts

Course grouping and Cohorts

Often, there arises the need to group courses in a particular category. For instance, suppose that you have created four different courses, all of which talk about content marketing, writing, and storytelling. Even though these are four different topics, they all lie within the same head.

So, it is important to have all of the courses under a similar category, giving users a sense of similarity between all of the courses.  Another example could be a course in digital marketing. Even though digital marketing is a single course, there would be an array of courses within it. Here again, you would need to create sub courses for the root digital marketing course.

And how can you do so?

Don’t worry, Bokamoso LMS will be of help.

As an end to end solution to all of your course creation needs, Bokamoso LMS allows you to create courses and then nest them as and when required. In addition to the above, you can also have separate certifications for sub-courses and then a master certification for the parent course.

Following a similar notion, the admin can create multiple courses within the same category and group them under a single head.

What’s best about Bokamoso LMS is that it doesn’t restrict the number of courses within a single course. Instead, it gives the ease to add, edit, and modify them as and when needed.

In case you face any problems related to course creation or grouping them, reach out to the technical team of Bokamoso LMS. Our team is equipped with some of the best minds in the industry and has the knack to build solutions in a way that maps the needs of the admin.

In addition to the above, we also offer a customized grouping of courses as required by the instructor.

So, get started today.

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