Course Tickets

Course Tickets

Raising support tickets is one of the best ways to reach out to the admin for help. However, when you have multiple courses on the same platform and thousands of users learning from it, response to your support ticket is subject to delay.

This is where the feature of support tickets comes to rescue.

As the name suggests, Course tickets are particular to a course and are related to the modules within it. Meaning that if an issue is raised in terms of the course ticket, the instructor of the course would be notified directly through the course window. This facilitates a faster and quicker response.

Tracking Course Tickets

One of the fascinating things about the course ticket feature is that it has a built-in tracker along with a notification bar. Suppose that the instructor is a bit busy and would need some time to refer to the issues, the tracker allows one to add labels as in process. Following the same terminology, labels such as abandoned, pending, resolved can be added to the ticket notifying the student about the status of the same.

The feature is so designed that it makes learning easy and simple both for the student and the learner.

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