Often, learners think about whether they can turn to learn in fun and to enjoy. Whether online or offline, sitting for long hours, learning and gaining knowledge could reduce the overall interest. And when it comes to online self-paced learning, staying hitched to the curriculum becomes tougher.

This is where the ides of gamification pops in.

In a simple sense, gamification is the usage of games and design thinking to make the entire process of learning engaging. Gamification is done in a way that piques the interest of the learner boosting the morale of the same. So, to be precise, gamification deals with creating courses in a way that makes e-learning fun.

How Bokamoso LMS Helps?

Bokamoso LMS is one of the leading learning management systems that facilitate learning in a manner that the learners can engage, interact, and learn on the go.

Embedding quizzes, badges, stars, and questionnaires are a few ways to integrate gamification within the course. In fact, Bokamoso LMS has the provision to structure in the course that mimics a game and has certain levels within it to keep the learners engaged within the course.

For instance, you can have the courses locked. Only when the first level is unlocked, will the next level be available to learn. Such a structure embeds curiosity in the minds of the learners, compelling them to actively learn and move to the next stage.

Is Gamification Good?

The answer to this would be reliant on your needs and structure of the courses. In a generic sense, gamification has been successful in increasing the completion rate of a course. Students here are involved more in engaging practically than just learning theories.

With Bokamoso LMS, you can have multilevel courses and even add badges for each of the levels to boost the performance of the students.

Talk to our experts and customize the badges to map your course design best.

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