Interactive Content Builder

Interactive Content Builder

Enabling you to create interactive content, Bokamoso LMS accounts for immersive user experience. With the help of the cloud-based learning management system, educators can create a variety of content depending upon their needs. For courses that require a visual appeal, Bokamoso LMS has the provision of creating videos and other audiovisual content as per the needs of the users.

Bokamoso LMS uses industry-best tools and technologies to create compelling courses, integrate quizzes, upload presentations, and embed flash cards. All of this enhances the learning journey of the candidate, making it one of the best platforms in terms of learning management systems.

What sets us apart is the expanse of features offered by the portal.

  • Responsive and User-friendly Interface

The most important thing about a learning management system is its comparability. How would a course benefit? It limits the usage of the web. Adhering to the above, Bokamoso LMS has staffed some of the best minds in the industry to design the application that supports both the mobile and the web interface. Also, the quality of content rendered on either of the platforms is top-notch, which means that irrespective of the device you use to access the course, the quality would never suffer.

  • Tracking Scores

One of the fascinating features of Bokamoso LMS is its ability to track the progress of the student. What this means is that you can effectively set up a scoreboard that would keep track of the scores obtained by different students. The application can be further customized to display the names of all on the leaderboard. This gives students the ease to know where they stand.

Type of Content

The list here is long, and you can have everything that comes to your mind. From basic options of Interactive Video, Branching scenario, Course Presentation, Advanced fill in the blanks, Timeline, True/False, Virtual tour (360) to excellent choices of quizzes, memory games, mark the words, etc., the LMS has all.

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