Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

English, Arabic, Chinese, or any other language, Bokamoso LMS supports as many as 90 different languages. The administrator has the ease of connecting and install any of them depending upon the need. As a matter of fact, the admin can launch a single course in multiple languages to outreach to a wider variety of audiences.

Significant studies show that even if the admin creates a single course to support twenty different languages, the speed and performance of the application will remain the same.

A different version of a language?

Don’t worry! Bokamoso LMS has the provision of child language as well. What does that mean?

Child language packs are the ones that are designed to differentiate between language variations. From American English to British English, you will never have the worry about which language would be ideal for the course.

With Bokamoso LMS, you can pick the language that piques your interest most.

What if the language isn’t found on the LMS?

Wait, you don’t have to worry if you fail to find a version of a language or say if you wish to customize a language. We have engineers happy to help you with your customization needs. Whether you wish to customize a particular pack or embed significant translation within the existing pack, Bokamoso LMS will help you with this as well.

Sounds complicated?

All you need to do is connect with our team and leave the rest to us.

Regularly Updated

To stay up to date with the current trends, phrases, and words, our staff is consistently working on the backend of the learning management system to release updates. We take immense care to modify the existing infrastructure without causing harm to your courses.

All in all, Bokamoso LMS will help you design courses in a language that you speak fluently in or is native to your origin.

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