Quizzes and Surveys

Quizzes and Surveys

ELearning platforms help students learn on the go and even eliminate the need to travel places to gain knowledge. However, the legitimacy of these courses is in question, given that not every course has a test assessment of tracing the performance of the students.

The online platform hosted by Bokamoso LMS gives the ease to integrate quizzes for each of the respective modules and also a master quiz at the end of the course. The score here can be used to determine whether or not the learner would be certified. A unique feature here is the automation that effectively drives the test process.

Type of Assessment

  • Multiple choice questions,
  • Pictorial answer choices,
  • Progressive difficulty levels (adaptive),
  • Time-limited quizzes,
  • Attempt limited quizzes, etc.

Depending upon the course and the corresponding requirements, you can integrate either of all of them within the course structure to improve the learning quality.

Bokamoso LMS further enables you to set conditions that suggest what would be the impact of the quiz. For instance, say that a student scored less than the required score. He/she can then be given an opportunity for a second attempt, or you may lock the quiz for a number of days. The point is the ease offered by the platform in terms of setting quizzes.

With Bokamoso LMS, you can also create something that we call as ‘the Question Bank’. This is kind of a repository of questions and can be used to extract questionnaires as and when needed.

Besides introducing quizzes, you can also have surveys within the course structure to attain student feedback and ask questions on how to improve the module. Where quizzes are one way of testifying the learning ability of the student, surveys help get an idea of what’s best in the course and how efficient the instructor has been when imparting the same.

Results obtained, influence the future course structure and are something that enhances the learning process.

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