Time Tracker

Hosting quizzes or launching online courses, you would always want to give your users the ease to track their progress. An all-round view of the programs, a tracker to keep an eye on the progress, and a notification bar to stay updated on every activity that’s happening within the channel, Bokamoso LMS will keep you on toes.

The overall structure of the LMS platform is so designed that it provides total control over the learning system while staying on track with the progress of the overall course.

With Bokamoso LMS, you can induce flexibility within the courses. The presence of the tracker allows you to know about the growth of a particular student who is enrolled for a particular course or have completed it. Using this, you can effectively segment different modules and make it easier for them to learn.

Tools for Progress Tracking

Wondering how to proceed with the tracking feature of the system?

Don’t worry. Bokamoso LMS is an easy to use learning management system with significant tools that streamline each and every tracking activity.

  • Grades

Quizzes and tests are an excellent way to assess the performance of the student for a particular course. And using a tracker here is important to know the scores. Bokamoso LMS has dedicated tools that help track the grades of a student and display it on the scoreboard.

  • Activity Completion

Have multiple modules within a single course? With the activity completion tool, both you and your student would know the status of the course and the percentage completed.

  • Course Completion

Similar to the above, there could be a program that has more than one course within it. Using the course completion tool, you can gain insights into what are the courses done first by a student. Also, it gives you information on the time taken to do a course. This helps you customize the courses in a way that keeps the learners hooked.

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