TinCan/xAPI Complaint

TinCan/xAPI Complaint

Before we express the idea of Bokamoso LMS being TinCan Compliant, understand what it means.

For any learning management system, instructors upload the course, users enroll in the platform, take the course, submit assignments, and provides feedback, right?

Now all of this is happening over the cloud, and storing all of this data is possible. Meaning each and every user activity can be saved for future reference. But is this legally approved?

This is where an LMS needs to be TinCan Compliant.

TinCan Compliant is the modern industry-standard that allows learning management systems to store and record user activity within a learning record source. Starting from the course enrollment to viewing the videos and submitting assignments, the LMS would be liable to store them into an external source.

How Does This Help?

E-learning is one of the fastest-growing forms of learning in the educational sector. It would not be wrong to state that the industry is growing every day, and hence, in order to map the expectations and grow simultaneously, it is essential to have information about the existing and past learners. This information is helpful when it comes to customizing the course or reaching out to a particular group of learners who might be interested in another course.

Another fascinating feature or rather the benefit of storing the data into LHS is when you migrate to a different LMS.

Bokamoso LMS extends its support by offering the ease to create TinCan Compliant courses with the help of an external URL and then upload them directly to the LMS. In fact, you can also create an LRS account and then access all of the data, store them, and leverage the same when needed.

Keeping a record of your activities and everyday events is important to optimize future courses. Being TinCan Compliant is something that simplifies the above.

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