Complaint Management

Complaint Management

An educational institutional cannot simply function without facing complaint concerns from the students and their guardians. Hence, the Complaint Management Module of the Institute Management System allows to file a complaint, and once the complaint is resolved, it takes down from its complaint log register. This makes it easier for both the school administrative department and the student’s to deal with complaints.

Helping Hand

Our helping hand module provides support to the students and school staff by acknowledging, addressing, and solving their problems whenever required. Doing so helps the institute to maintain a healthy environment and a steady relationship with all the stakeholders. Institutes also need to be open regarding their complaints, so that interested parents can refer to those while admitting their child into that particular school. Our complaint management system records all the complaints and put forward to the institution in one place.

Receiving Complaints

School administrative staff receives hundreds of verbal complaints from the guardians of their students regularly. But such complaints are easier to forget even before they get registered in the complaint log. Thus, our complaint management module allows the digital logging of complaints in a written format. Admin or an authorized person can proceed with these complaints and categorize them department wise by using our system.

Maintaining Complaints

It is certainly a challenging task to deal with a lot of complaints without finding a solution for each one of them. Therefore, our complaint management module provides a platform for the administrative staff of the institution to maintain all the complaints lodged so that they can be effortlessly managed and processed later. Our system sorts out all the complaints registered under different tabs depending on their category.

Solving Complaints

An authorized person is assigned by the school authorities to check the status of the filed complaints in the eTraverse’s complaint management module. It is so easy to find out the complaints that are open and pending for a solution. Complaints which are invalid, or insubstantial can find their way out and marked as rejected from our system. While the other complaints, when they get resolved, the admin has the option to mark them as complete.

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