Course Management Feature

Course Management Feature

Are you worried about how will you manage your courses?

Collaborate with us to simplify all of your course management needs.

Adopting a modular architecture, experts at Bokamoso LMS has laid specific attention to design the infrastructure and embed the ease to add new resources and activities within the existing courses.

With the Bokamoso Learning Management System, admin has the provision to assign a teacher or the course instructor the job to create courses. The instructor or the course creator can then design and build courses based on

  • Topic
  • Weekly content
  • Social programs

All of the content added can be updated and upgraded when needed. The platform also allows the course creator to select from a list of courses and get started with the designing process.

Types of content added

There isn’t any limitation to the type of content that you can integrate within the Bokamoso LMS. From quizzes to assignments, audio recordings, video courses, and textual deliverables, we provide support for all types of content. Further, we also support the integration of third-party websites and links within the courses to direct students to get extra information.

What’s best about the platform is that it doesn’t have any limitation on the type of content and the file size of the same when uploading it within your courses. The intrusion of gamification enables instructors to block access to the entire content. Only after a module is completed, can the student access the next one.

Additional quizzes and assignments can be added to test the performance of the student. With Bokamoso LMS, you can prevent a student from taking a test more than thrice. The grading system can be adjusted, allowing instructors to set their own scale and then assess the student’s ability to work on a particular subject.

Such customizations improve the quality of learning, making it a win-win for all.

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