Analysis and reports

Analysis and reports

Creating an online channel to promote classroom-learning requires the management to keep track of every aspect. The fee structure, payment tracking, attendance, and students’ progress, each of these must be adhered to in order to provide a seamless user experience.

eTraverse, as an all-in-one ERP system, has the provision of creating a dynamic system, catering to the requirements of the education management system.

Generating reports and analytics is a feature provided by the eTraverse that helps you generate reports, consolidating all under a single head. With us, you will never have to worry about how? Reach out to our team of experts and get your needs served at the earliest.

Hiring a team of robust professionals, we help you design and develop a custom-fit education management system.

Types of Reports

  • Classroom Reports: Know all about the different batches/sections. Classroom reports provide significant insights into the number of students in each segmented based on their field or standard.
  • Attendance Reports: Know how many students were part of the last class or how many weren’t attending the same. For institutions that mandate having x% of attendance for students, these reports are extremely helpful.
  • Result Reports: Generate student-wise reports based on their results and upload them on the student dashboard to give them a holistic view of their progress and areas of improvement.
  • Fee Reports: An overview of how many students have paid for the particular duration and how many are still in queue to clear the dues. The fee report is highly effective when it comes to assessing the financial status of the educational institution.
  • Inquiry Reports: Rendering information about the percentage completion of inquiries. The inquiry report is helpful when it comes to assessing the user satisfaction rate. The better the closure rate, the higher is user satisfaction.


Why choose us?

  • Ease of access

An efficient way to organize all your institute management activities, eTraverse has a simple and intuitive interface that can be accessed by all. Where the admin can keep an eye on everything that’s happening within the system, teachers can upload courses, add tasks, generate reports, and connect with the students directly. Students, on the other hand can access the courses, upload assignments and raise inquiries as and when needed.

  • Trigger-based Actions

 The portal bridges the gap between the management team, educators, and the students. The chat window is available for anyone to send messages, online forums help everyone connect at the same stance, and task uploads and exams make it easier to track the progress of the students. The portal makes it easier to connect while reducing the time taken to engage and interact with each other.

  • One-click Report Generation

 eTraverse Institute Management System has a huge data repository and built-in analytics that help generate reports as and when needed. The entire interface is custom-fit and designed to map the needs of the institute. Viewing reports give you the ease to have an all-round view of your institute and make better decisions.

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