Classwork and Homework Tracker

Classwork and Homework Tracker

Having an online institute management system isn’t enough. In order to bridge the gap between virtual learning and physical learning, the process needs to be organized and well-planned. This is where the idea of the classwork and homework sounds legit.

The classroom and homework planning is closely associated with the lesson planning feature structuring courses, activities, and assessments in a way that leads to transparent engagement. The entire study module has to be outlined along with their timelines to make things easier both for the student and the educator.

True that this would require a great deal of effort from the faculty side, but this is an important process when digitizing the education channel. It also helps to save plenty of time for the faculties as well. The homework notification can be received on the mobile app as well.

Classwork and Homework Management: Three Core Modules

  • Student Syllabus over Phone

The syllabus tracking and managing module aren’t just for the teachers. Even though they are the ones responsible for creating the structure and moving up with the plans to finish the course within the given time, the eTraverse Institute Management System has a separate Syllabus tab meant for the students and the parents.

The tab allows them to keep track of the syllabus and know how far they have come with the course structure. The school mobile app allows the students to have a better understanding of the course keeping in mind the overall syllabus. They can review the syllabus when revising the course.

The syllabus viewed over the phone makes it easier for the students to view them as and when needed. The mobile app provides remote access to the syllabus to the students.

  • Homework Management

Homework management has another feature that allows students to upload or attach their assignments over the interface. The homework management module is directly linked with the timetable module so that the admin would have a better view of what has been taught and what are the things that need to be reviewed.

Further, the above integration makes it easier for the faculties to decide what needs to be assigned to the students. The timetable module provides information on all the topics that have been taught, and assignments adhering to the same are then sent to students as an attachment.

The portal allows the faculty to add one or more assignments and also a reference if needed. Once the faculty has added or uploaded an assignment, the system would automatically get updated, and notifications are sent to the students both via the mobile app and the web interface. This saves a lot of time and the efforts spent by the teacher.

  • Superior Management

While the above features were meant for the teachers and the students, this one is for the admin or the head of the department. The portal provides an all-round view of the activities. The admin will have access to all of the information stored with the system and the activities that have been done with a specific period of time.

Most of the institutions use the above feature to report to their direct head. Starting with lesson planning to assignments, exams, and course structure, the admin would be notified about all. The feature enables the supreme admin to track the progress of the activities and better manage the system. Based on the information given, the admin can instruct the faculty to change their approach and delivery timelines, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the system.

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