Exam and Results Publication

Exam and Results Publication

For a school or be it any educational institute conducting examinations and the publication of results is no simple task to get over with straight away. Hence, we at eTraverse understands this concern and have come up with an easy to use user interface for the school administrative staffs to conduct examinations and all the things associated with it effortlessly.

eTraverse Exam Administrator

With eTraverse’s school administrative module organizing, and conducting of exams is a hassle-free process. Our exam and result management software lets the school authority to conduct all the exams weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually. Notifications reach straight away to the students as soon as their exams are scheduled. Students can check their exam updates through our app or SMS notification for all the exams scheduled. Any updates concerning results declaration can be even rolled out from our student result management software. Our interface also has the option to create a single exam for the various subjects on multiple days. At our dashboard, the exam calendar tracks all the details regarding the created exams.

Result Publications

eTraverse allows the school administrative staff to create results thoroughly. Our interface even keeps the education system respective to your country while generating grades for the results. eTraverse’s student result management system can help you create term-based or semester-based exam results. All the administrative staff has to do is feed the marks of the students in their particular columns or cells. Once entries are made, our system then converts them into an impressive layout providing all the necessary information regarding grades, CGPA, marks for each of the subjects, and other details of internal assessments. The grading system is similar to that used in ICSE and CBSE board schools across the country.

Report Generation

Report cards have been a necessity for the younger section of the schools. Parents can assess their ward’s annual performance in the school with the help of the report card. Therefore, we made sure that we do not miss out on it. eTraverse’s incorporates a very handy report generation for exams and other activities conducted for the junior classes of the school. It distributes all the important subjects and extracurricular activities along with the points or grades secured for each of them.

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