GPS Live Tracking

GPS Live Tracking

Nowadays, most of the schools have their personal buses to ferry students to and fro from their houses. Though parents consider this to be a better option as compared to public transport, they are always worried about their kids. A small delay in reaching their house would send chills down their spine, and some might end up calling the school management to inquire about the delay.

While this might seem relevant, consistently calling the school office is a bit disturbing. To deal with this, the eTraverse Institute Management System has released a GPS Tracking System.

This system would be directly be installed on the school buses and the interface connected to an application that can be accessed both by the school committee and the parents.

The sole purpose behind the creation of such a system is to give parents the ease to live track of the status of their vehicle and knows when their kid would arrive.

Features of Advanced GPS Tracking

No more calling or getting worried about where the school bus is. With an eTraverse advanced GPS tracking system, you can go digital tracking the live status of the vehicle and stay updated as well as informed about the location.

  • Real-time Access

With the live GPS tracking feature, both the school authority and parents can have real-time information access to the vehicle’s location. An app is designed that helps get information without having the need to login to the portal.

  • Student Security

Installing GPS features and tracking the location of the vehicle live embeds a sense of security. Parents can be relieved of their kid’s safety and be assured that they are safe.

  • Remain Compliant

There are multiple cities that have mandated installing GPS within the school buses. Hence with our advanced GPS management system, you can comply with the government laws and regulations.

Besides, the live tracking feature enables continuous monitoring of the vehicle.

Why eTraverse Advanced GPS Tracking System?

Wondering why us?

  • Offering a simple and easy-to-use interface, our app is so designed that anyone without much technical knowledge can use and live to track the vehicle.
  • The app is device-independent and can run on all smartphones with ease.
  • A separate admin dashboard gives a holistic view of every route covered, the number of students picked and dropped, the travel time, speed, and the kilometers.
  • Admin can generate reports on the average speed or maximum speed of the vehicle along with information on the driver.
  • Built-in notification bar that keeps the parents notified about the pick-up and drop of their kids.

eTraverse Institute Management System’s advanced GPS Tracking System is one that will help you enhance and optimize your institution’s value. Parents will entrust your institution and never worry about their children’s safety.

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