Hostel Management

Hostel Management

Schools with hostel facilities for their students have got nothing more to worry about as the hostel management system of our Institute Management System is going to take care of all the operational chores surrounding a hostel. Our system can manage rooms allocated, number of students residing at individual hostel blocks, and even keep a count of the number of meals had by a student in the mess room. The implementation of our hostel management system can happen during the time of admission itself. Our hostel management software is then going to gather the necessary information and student details and automatically allot them hostel blocks along with their room numbers, warden name, and the hostel charges incurred.

Student Allocation is simplified

The primary concern regarding hostel management is to maintain student database and allocate them rooms according to their class, and sections. eTraverse’s hostel management system makes it a more streamlined process by gathering all the student information required and then allocate them to their respective rooms.

Live Monitoring

With our hostel management software, wardens can monitor the activities of the students residing in the hostel blocks live. They can find the students gone out on leaves or for any other purpose at one place in our software.

Parent Access Allowed

Parents can access all the information happening around the hostel through the school mobile app on their smartphones. They can even check out the status of whether their kids had meals from the mess room or have skipped them.

Complete Compliance with Regulations

Most of the city governments and ministry of education has made a mandate to have GPS tracking installed in school busses. Similarly, eTraverse’s hostel management software follows complete compliance with government policies and strives to be better with each passing day.

Report Generation

Our Hostel management system with Mess enables the hostel wardens to generate reports based on the analysis concerning specific hostel blocks or rooms. Thanks to our simplified software that keeps all the data required to create one such report in one single place.

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