Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the most tedious task to get over with, and the same reason makes it immensely difficult for school administrative authorities to do so. The management staff long wished for a seamless inventory management software, and today eTraverse is going to present them they have wanted to have for long. Inventory management software of our Institute Management System is easy to use, and all the necessary management tasks required can be processed from one place. eTraverse’s continuous efforts to build management platforms for schools and institutes have led us here. Our software makes it easier for the school administration to work smart and fast.

Easier Management

With our inventory management software, school admins can now create and manage stationery items like books, pen, and pencils, uniforms, and all such related items which the institute needs to distribute among their students. The placing of these orders and management functions of the products from the vendors can be handled by our software.

Hassle-free Purchase Orders

There will be no such need to maintain different books for inventory management with our software. eTraverse’s inventory management system allows an admin to note down purchase orders directly into the IMS dashboard. Once the data has been processed by the admin, institute heads can view them in one place as a PDF file. After orders are received, admins can even mark them to add them to the inventory stock directly.

Stock Management

eTraverse school inventory management system enables the admin to view the entire database of stocks available with a school at one single view. Admins can even check on additional details of a particular item through the details column section. Different groups can be created by selecting different items for the stock. Items can then be categorized according to their sections or subsections.

Item Management

Our school inventory management software also takes care of item management. School authorities can raise requests for particular items through our IMS. The concerned authority can then accept or decline the requested order using eTraverse’s inventory management system.

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