Profile Scan via QR code

Profile Scan via QR code

Have you ever used a barcode scanner?

Remember, while you are the checkout desk of the supermarket, the executive picks up the product, scans the barcode, and done. All of the details pop on the screen automatically. Starting with the product ID to the manufacturer, the price, and the expiry date, everything is stored within the scanner.

Isn’t this amazing?

How about having a similar system for your educational institution? Like you scan a barcode, and you get all of the details related to the student or the faculty?

Fascinating but seems more like fiction?

Well, that’s not the case. The age-old science fiction is now a reality, and there are technologies that facilitate such a system—wondering how to set up a barcode search mechanism for your students and the staff?

Connect with the eTraverse Institute Management System. We are your end to end solution and support partner offering students profile scan via QR code.


How Do This Work?

Whether a teacher or a student, everyone has their own identity card to be eligible to enter the school premises. A barcode can be embedded within this card and later used to fetch the details of the student.

eTraverse Institute Management System has come up with an excellent solution where the management or the admin can simply scan the QR code printed in the ID card and get every detail right on their smartphone. A simple scan would render all of the relevant information. From his name to an age, the class and fees history, the emergency contact numbers, and attendance report, QR code scanning would reveal all of the above.

Even though such a system has been part of the corporate world for long, it is only now that the education industry has been paying attention to embrace the change. What’s best about such a feature is that the admin can directly place a call to the guardian of the student from the app as and when needed.

  • Ease of access

Using the QR code scanning feature doesn’t require you to have dedicated hardware or a separate device to scan the profile. Your smartphone is sufficient to meet the needs.

  • One-click information

With the QR code scanning, the admin or the management team can effectively gain access to all of the student’s information and with ease. No more looking over the register or finding the admission form.

  • Paperless process

Using the QR code scanning feature eliminates the need to have every other information stored in the paper. This reduces the time taken to search records of a particular student while optimizing the cost incurred in getting all of the data stored in one place.

Features of eTraverse Institute Management System Profile Scan via QR code

  • Student details

The application is so designed that it renders all of the student’s information in a single scan. All that the institute head needs to do is place his mobile phone over the QR code, let the software scan the same and there within a matter of seconds, all of the details are displayed over the app.

  • Emergency Contact

Imagine that you need to connect with a student’s parents at the earliest. Looking for a contact number in the files stored in your office would be a time-consuming task. QR code scanning, on the other hand, simplifies the above job. The institute head can simply scan the identity card and get hold of the emergency contact numbers of his/her parent. The app facilitates direct calling, saving time.

  • Fee Details

Another fascinating feature is getting information about the fee history of a particular student. The head or the staff can simply scan the code and then get all of the information related to the fees paid, dues, and the last date before payment. Using this information, the head can then send notifications or reminders to the parent about the outstanding fees for the coming months.

The profile scan feature by the eTraverse Institute Management System does not require you to have additional hardware to perform the scan. Instead, this can be done directly from the application built over the smartphone.

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