Target Management with Ratings

Target Management with Ratings

An excellent way to improve the quality of training or imparting education is through target management. What this means is that the faculty can integrate tasks within the portal. Adding assignments has never been easy.

eTraverse Institute Management System offers a unique target management system that gives the admin the ease the upload assignments along with assigning a specific due date and time. Students are expected to complete the given task within the said date and time. Tasks can be added either student-wise or class-wise to simplify things.


eTraverse Institute Management System comprises of:

  1. Creating Targets

 The target management module powered by the eTraverse Institute Management System enables the admin to create tasks and set targets both for the staff and the students.

For the faculties, the institute head can add instructions or timelines to complete a particular subject or part of the course. Similarly, for the students, assignments can be added along with the due date for the same.

Upon completion, the tasks can be labeled as completed or submitted, indicating the status and keeping the admin informed.

  1. Managing Targets

 Task status can be managed and updated with the eTraverse Institute Management System. In case the admin wishes to push the same target, it can be done via an auto-target. This prevents the need to create the same target again and again.

  1. Generating Reports

 The target management module has another feature where the admin can generate reports specific to a particular user or to a group of users. Whether you wish to get a student report, a target report, or a summary report, the system would encompass all.

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