Wireless Biometric

Wireless Biometric

Are you looking to set up an attendance system for your staff?

For years, schools and other educational institutions have been accustomed to the concept of manual registers for tracking their staff attendance, the days present, and the time duration for which they have served.

With time, technology has taken a deep dive, and today the age-old method of attendance tracking isn’t efficient. In fact, the manual process is time-consuming and energy-draining. This is where you should have a wireless biometric system integrated within your infrastructure to not only digitize the process but make it more efficient.


How Does Wireless Biometric System Work?

Long gone are the days when every member of the faculty had to enter their details in the attendance register manually. The wireless biometric system today doesn’t require any PC, network, or port. The system works wirelessly without mandating specific location-bound hardware.

The present-day Biometric System could work in the form of

  • Face Recognition Technology
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Walkthroughs
  • RFID Tags

Either of these can be used to set up a wireless infrastructure for real-time attendance tracking and management. Using wireless biometric systems has the provision of rendering real-time data of utmost accuracy and precision.

How eTraverse Institute Management System Helps?

Are you worried about how to get started with such a system?

eTraverse Institute Management System has a comprehensive suite of wireless biometric systems that can be used to wirelessly track the attendance of the staff. While there are institutions that still rely on the traditional method, it is important for all to step up the digitization funnel and install wireless biometrics.

The modern-day biometric systems are so designed that they can help trace the day-to-day attendance of every staff, punch and record the time of signing in and out of the system, analyze leaves and calculate the work duration of an employee.

What helps us stand out from others in the industry is that our biometric system is 100% efficient, reliable, and trustworthy. Also, the biometric systems provided by us are not LAN dependent. The system can work flawlessly even when the location or the area lacks LAN connectivity.

Still not sure if you should have a wireless biometric system?

Advantages of eTraverse Institute Management System’s Wireless Biometric System

  • Ease of use

One of the long-standing issues associated with the traditional method of shift allocation has been a mismatch. Consider that a faculty was assigned a particular task. However, due to personal reasons, the teacher fails to accomplish the task, and the admin is then required to assign the same to another person.

While this might create a mess when done manually, the digital infrastructure assures a hassle-free assignment of tasks. The system can automatically transfer duties when staff is absent. This eliminates the hassles involved in tracking the attendance and aligning duties with ease.

  • Better Security

When you have biometrics installed within the infrastructure, none other than the authorized person can gain access to the system. This infuses a sense of security within the institution. Not to mention the fact that when an institution gains the tag of being secured, parents are more likely to send in their kids, and this increases the value of the institution.

  • Quick Integration

Using RFID tags or other wireless biometrics facilitates quick scanning of the employees, and the data is then shared with the backend within a day. This fast-paced process increases the likelihood of data sharing and then using the same to generate reports or analyze them as and when needed. In addition to this, the biometric data is stored in a single data lake, which then centralizes all of the information, making it easier for the management team to access the same.

  • Simplifies Payroll Processing

The data fed from the system is directly integrated with the payroll management system. This helps the software determine the work hours of the employees, the leaves taken, and then calculate the total amount to be paid to the faculty. Such an automated system helps ensure end to end accuracy of the data and the process altogether. eTraverse Institute Management System’s Biometrics is not just a wireless system but takes into consideration all of the aspects, rendering accurate data for best results.

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