Integration of content from external Sources

Integration of content from external Sources

Want to add more to your content to your courses than just the ones created by you?

No issues. Bokamoso LMS provides you the ease to add content from external sources such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Scribe, Vimeo, Sharepoint, Slideshare, and others. Looks like there’s a pool of content that can be added to the existing course.

But how do you add the same?

Well, there’s no rocket science in adding courses or content from the external sources. All you need to do is click open the LMS, click on add activity, and then under the drop-down, choose to add a link to the third-party source.

Easy, right?

Is there any restriction on the content that can be added?

Apparently, yes.

Considering the fact that there are millions of content over the web, the learning management system prohibits the integration of copyrighted content. Besides being an illegal activity, adding content that is subject to copyright arises questions related to the credibility of the LMS and hence, is not allowed by Bokamoso LMS.

So, what can you add within the courses you are creating?

A term as Creative Commons has all of the information that can be re-used by third-party sites. Bokamoso LMS has stringent rules about what to add to the system and so enables on the Creative Commons within the courses. This enables you to increase the amount of content while enhancing the end to end course efficiency.

In case you are not sure about the Creative Commons and would like to know about it in detail, visit here.

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