Library Management

Library Management

Library Management Software, our Institute Management System, targets to lessen down the organizational chaos faced by management authorities when it comes down to arranging the school library. Hence, our digital librarian is the perfect solution in such case scenarios. You can now manage thousands of books across the shelves and hundreds of library subscriptions at a click of your hand. Thanks to our school library management system, which helps you to keep up with all the records, check out on readers going in and out of the library, and above all, maintain the database of all the members, all from a single effortless place.

Effortless Library Management

  • Store all resources at one single place:
    eTraverse library management system allows all the resource information of the library to be stored in one single place. So be it a magazine, journal, newspaper, or hundreds of schools books stacked in the racks, simply scan the barcode of the books through a scanner, and our software is going to automatically generate out the name of the book, author, and publisher details.
  • Processing of borrow and renewal requests simplified:
    eTraverse focuses on streamlined software for library management. It implies that the members can simply use an app to request for new books or renew their existing due dates through it. The librarian can then check on the notification on our software and process for the same.
  • Check on readers going in and out:
    Members of the library can use their membership card or a simplified token to check themselves in and out of the library with our library management software. All the librarian has to ensure is to mark the specific time of the entries made.
  • Membership management made easier:
    Gone are the days when a librarian used to issue a membership card to all the new members getting enrolled. With our school library management system, interested fellows can simply fill in their name along with all the other personal details to start a membership.

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