Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

Having an authentication process is important as it enables you to validate the learner before rendering access to the portal. What’s common in a majority of the learning management system is that they provide a single-factor authentication, which means that users would need to verify their details once. Now with a rise in cybercrimes, single layer authentication doesn’t standstill.

Moving one step ahead, Bokamoso LMS has taken the initiative to embed dual-factor authentication within the LMS. So, users would need to verify twice. For instance, at step one, they would need to enter the email address and the password. Once done, they would have an additional mobile verification as part of the multifactor user authentication process.

Bokamoso LMS is very specific about the security of the platform and hence has added the above feature, ensuring the security is never compromised.

A different scenario arises here when the instructor has a website with membership users. Under this situation, Bokamoso LMS gives the ease to directly login to the system without having the need to login twice into the Bokamoso LMS portal. This saves your learners the time while simplifying the login process.

The beauty of the platform is that the authentication process isn’t limited to just the admin name and password or mobile verification. The engineering team of Bokamoso LMS is always open for customizations, and if needed, they will help you set up your own preferred form of authentication within the LMS.

With Bokamoso LMS, you and your learner’s security would never be at risk. We employ best in industry tools to design the infrastructure and embed significant measures to keep the system hack-free.

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